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After T.H.e. Design, Inc. closed its doors we continued with the work. We still practice with the same quality of dental office design principles and have even made some modern improvements! If you are a past client, we know how important a high level of service and detail are to you.

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We can help give your office that face lift or remodel that you need while keeping with the lasting quality that stands the test of time that you are used to. 

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by T.H.e. Design, Inc. Before 2008?

EnviroMed Design has carried on what T.H.e.  started!

"I had been working out of a 2000 sq ft storefront office for 20 years. It had 3 ops and 2 improvised hygiene ops. We were maxed out and needed to add a partner to help continue growing.

The design process was a lot of fun and turned out perfectly, in that the flow and ergonomics still work great today. The style along with the modern+impressionist artwork created quite a stir among our patients and resulted in many new ones.

I still appreciate walking through in the early mornings and seeing how everything fits together so well. But most importantly, the new office attracted a new dentist in 2006 who is now my partner. With all the growth in NW Arkansas the last 10 years, we still have one of the nicest offices despite being in a small rural town on the fringe of the explosive growth.

I am pleased EnviroMed Design has carried on what T.H.E. started to allow doctors to have their dream offices.

Dr. Alan Lamb

Gentry, Arkansas