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Why use a specialty DENTAL OR MEDICAL OFFICE DESIGN firm?

Why use a specialty firm?

We advise you to think of your office design as an investment and not an frivolous fee. The more appropriately your office is designed, the more productive your office will be. A specialty firm understands the complex functions taking place in the facility, the ergonomic challenges of your profession, and how efficient flow in the medical/dental setting can affect productivity. We are also keenly aware of HIPPA regulations and take all of this into consideration when designing your office.
A non-medical design firm may have designed beautiful office buildings, but efficiency and ergonomics may be compromised if they don't have specific dental or medical experience. We have done hundreds of offices, and would be happy to refer you to some of our past clients for their input. 

can you do a fast free floor plan like the dental equipment suppliers?


As no two roses are the same… neither are floor plans. Dental Supply companies often provide cookie cutter plans used over and over based largely on equipment they would like to sell you. At EnviroMed, our architects create custom floor plans specifically based on YOUR design goals. No two plans are the same. We pay our design team living wages for their time and therefore we do charge a fee for the floor plan. We work closely with each one of our clients to make sure that they are happy with the final outcome. We aren't satisfied until you are!

Wouldn't it be better to use a local designer instead of doing this long distance?

Wouldn't it be better to use a local designer instead of doing this long distance?

We understand your concern about working long distance, but this goes back to hiring the best team possible to help you with one of the most expensive undertakings of your life. By using advances in technology we have developed a very efficient design process. All of our design work is done electronically, and through video chat, screen sharing and other online tools, we are able to effectively communicate throughout the entire design process. We often travel to your location and many of our clients visit our showroom for face to face design meetings. We keep your travel to a minimum to reduce your down time in the office.
Understand that we will be with you every step of the way. From the initial design stage through construction and beyond, we help you manage of the most complex tasks of your life by coordinating with your entire team.

How much does building a new dental or medical office cost? 

How much does building a new dental or medical office cost? 

This question can’t be answered without further investigation. There are many factors to consider when designing a dental or medical office. Size, quality of materials, design level, architectural elements, lease space vs full building vs remodel, are all factors contributing to design fees, as well as building costs. Most of the offices on our site range from $120 to $175 per square foot, including custom cabinetry, for an interior finish out. If the cabinetry is not included in your ops or sterilization area, the range goes down. The trade off, however, is that your equipment costs will increase.
To get an estimate specifically for your project, one of the most valuable services we offer is a project cost projection. We do a design interview, then itemize costs for your specific project. This includes the fixed fee for our design services, a projected total budget, and projected monthly debt service for your new office. This projection includes not only all of the construction costs but the additional costs as well, such as the furniture, artwork, equipment and technology. With this documentation you can confidently begin negotiating with lenders and insure your loan will cover the entire cost of building your dream office.
Most people underestimate project costs. Be an informed consumer - it will prepare you will for a successful project!

I am concerned abouT the debt service of building a new office. How long before my new dENTAL OR MEDICAL office is profitable? 

I am concerned about the debt service of building a new office. How long before my new office is profitable? 

This is probably one of THE questions on everyone's mind as soon as they start considering building a new office. As with many other answers, there are multiple considerations. What is the distance between practices, if there is a change in location? Is this a start-up? Will you be adding chairs/exam rooms? Will you be adding staff?
Generally speaking, our offices see an increase in production from 20% to 40% within the first year, depending on if they are making a lateral move or adding providers and treatment rooms.