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Successful Doctors Guide to Dental Office Design

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Starting at $24.99 you willl be given a guide to successfully planning your dental office project, starting construction and completing your project on time and within budget.

Building or remodeling your dental office is one of the most significant and ambitious undertakings of your dental career. A new or remodeled office can give you more capacity to see patients, generate revenue, increase your profits, improve your productivity with new or more advanced equipment and make your working environment more pleasant for you, your staff and your patients.

It can be the mechanism to create great wealth for you and your family. Done correctly it can be the most rewarding experience of your life, but only with the right PLAN. We are not talking strictly about a floor plan, but a well thought out, comprehensive project plan, from A to Z.

Designers and architects have unique skills that are needed for any dental or medical office project. Once you hire and pay for them to deliver drawings, samples, blueprints and so on, it is then up to you to follow through and actually BUILD or REMODEL your dental office.

More than half of drawings, floor plans, samples and blueprints that are paid for NEVER SEE the light of day because of IMPROPER PLANNING before all these design elements are created. Because of this we created the "Love Where You Work, A Beginner's Guide To Office Design".

In it we discuss 7 major project elements you will need to manage before you start building your office. We walk you step by step on the specific actions you should take BEFORE spending tens of thousands of dollars on building plans, signing or renewing a lease or borrowing the first dollar for your office project.

The kit also lists the 27 suppliers, vendors and professionals you will need to interview, hire and coordinate before and during your office project.

It will start you thinking about all the elements and decisions that go into planning, designing, equipping and building your dream dental or medical office.

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