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Dental Floor Plan and Medical Floor Plan Design

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"The experience of creating the floor plan went well. I am pleased with your firm and I like being able to have the flexibility to use your services as they fit my needs."

Dr. Ron Care & Stephanie Care
El Paso, Texas

A well laid out floor plan is the foundation for an effectively functioning dental office and medical office. The most important pieces of an efficient and ergonomic office are centered around the traffic and work flow. No matter how beautiful the space looks or how much high-tech equipment you put in it, if the space is not planned properly, you will have problems.

EnviroMed Design Group will work with you to develop the right floor plan layout to get you started on your journey to your dream office.

Before we begin designing your plan we need to determine the type of project you are looking at building.

For an Existing space, a Lease space or Condo space we have found preliminary floor plans, like this one shown, to be useful in evaluating whether or not a potential space will work for our client's needs. With this service, you will be provided with the most ergonomic and efficient layout possible.

If a New Building is more in line with what you want and you have a piece of property that you are looking at placing your dream office on, you will want to take advantage of our Project Evaluation Service as it will not only include a floor plan design, but it will also uncover all of the additional issues that have the potential to impact the overall layout involved in a project of that scope.

We at EnviroMed look forward to working with you on your project!