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And is backed by almost 50 combined years of other extremely satisfied practitioners like you who have used our services.

to provide a perspective, our historical data has shown:




The percentage of doctors able to offset new debt service by end of:  6 Months = 60%    12 Months = 90%
Average increase in collections by end of year one: 40%
Average New Patient Increase by end of year one: 30%
Average office size: 5.5 Ops
Increase in Hours Worked in the new office: 0
No. of Doctors who reported working harder: 0

I was right on budget. the overall building actually cost less than the original financial projection that you all did for me.

-dr. timothy miller
aliso viejo, ca

Working with Bruce and Stephanie on the design process was fun.  They were fun to work with - open to our ideas yet all the time guiding us. 
It was our privilege to work with them!

-dr. brooks haney
richardson, texas

My office is amazing and their group helped me to always get a 'wow' from my patients.

-dr. becky coats
grapevine, tx

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"The whole project was virtually painless. Jacque Russo's help in determining the budget and planning was invaluable. Her past project experience was an asset. Stephanie Morgan did the Interior Design and fulfilled and exceeded all my expectations. I especially like the classic feel of the stone, the wood, and the use of the high ceilings and elegant lighting. She did an excellent job. The planning took about a year and the construction start-up from the first excavation to moving- in day was only about eight months. This was way ahead of schedule and under cost, which was great." 


interior design

financial cost projections

preferred lending options

start-up practice & established practice consulting

so that you can experience your new office before the final drawings are completed - saving you time and costly change order fees

virtual reality walk throughs

We now offer

floor plans

help determine if the property or space is right for your practice

project evaluation

proper planning is the
key to success

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This service is an ideal first step in planning a new office. If you are unsure about how to get started, we can help. Whether you are considering remodeling and expanding or relocating your office, the Project Evaluation Phase will help you make the best decision that is right for you and your practice. In this phase we will:
 1. Help you in determining your project scope to support your practice vision and objectives
 2. Help to establish your dental equipment and technology budgets.
 3. Evaluate your property and/or space options to determine what works best to support your project objectives.
 4. Discuss with you and provide an estimated project cost and review the financial feasibility of the project
5. Evaluate the overall financial aspects of the project and how it relates to your practice plus investigate funding options and solutions
6. Research and investigate what is required for planning and permitting
7. Develop with you a functional floor plan that meets your practice vision and objectives

You really have to know all about the various pieces and how they fit together-real estate, design, construction, materials, finance, project management, architecture, compliance, permits, equipment, technology, interior decorating, marketing, and inspections to name just a few items. Oh, and I forgot to mention dealing with your silent partners in the local, state and federal agencies, who watch you every step of the way. My best advice, do what you do best and were trained to do and let the design team do what they do best. You'll be financially ahead and extremely satisfied.

-dr. tony storace

architectural design

form follows function. first you must have a space that flows

design concept phase

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We incorporate all the information gathered from the Project Evaluation Phase and begins the process of turning a 2-dimensional concept into a fully realized office where we will:

 1. Work to further establish the overall functional requirements, budgetary goals and construction schedule.

 2. Refine the floor plan in terms of functional and equipment related requirements.

 3. Establish an overall design theme and direction, and begin to expand that into the third dimension with preliminary elevations and design sketches.

 4. Review all design decisions made up to this point with the client before proceeding to the next phase.

"We wish to express our sincere gratitude for the beautiful architectural design Bruce and his team provided for us during the construction of Sundance Professional Centre and Implant & General Dentistry of Northern Colorado. We are extremely pleased with the results and commend his successful efforts to integrate our personal ideas along with his infinite number of helpful design suggestions. The improved office function, enhanced ergonomics and overall work environment has been appreciated immensely by our staff and patients alike. His ability to work with our contractors and local design team enabled the entire process to flow smoothly through completion. We could not imagine having navigated a project of this magnitude without his expertise!" 

-dr. Ted E. mioduski, jr., dds

architectural design

form follows function. first you must have a space that flows

design completion phase

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This service further assimilates all the previous information into a cohesive whole. In this phase we will:

1. Continue to develop the aesthetic and architectural aspects of the project with more detailed drawings, working closely with the Interior Design department to incorporate material and furniture choices.

2. Add more functional detail by developing electrical, lighting and plumbing & equipment plans.

3. Review and clarify architectural, interior design and mechanical aspects with the client prior to moving into completion of the final design development documents.
4. Continue to add information to the design development drawings and submit them to the appropriate parties upon completion.

 5. Be available to the client and contractor during the bidding phase and throughout the project until it is complete. 

Our primary focus is facilitation of our client's dreams into a functional, aesthetically pleasing environment through attentive client interaction and insightful design.